Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Judy ann and Piolo "Don't give-up on Us"

Don't give up on us baby
A Filipino movie starring Ms. Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual..
Judy Ann role is Abby a girl that wants everything is under her control,, until the day that her best friend Sabina never seen in her bridal shower..
Piolo role is Vince a folk singer in a bar and a friend of rabbit.
Rabbit is the guy who gave the tape to Sabina..
The story starts when her best fried Sabina left with just a cassette tape left behind..and it is her only clue to find her best friend, Sabina is engaged to Abby's brother Samuel.desperately Abby vows to his brother to bring back Sabina in the day of the wedding.
The search for Sabina take's her to Baguio.and there she find a local bar and singers performing..there she meets the voice in the tape Vince, Abby ask Vince if he knows where Sabina is.. Vince told Abby that he recorded the tape for his friend rabbit for his girlfriend in.. Abby told Vince that rabbit took Sabina and she's trying to find where Sabina is.. because Sabina is engaged to his brother Samuel..

The search for Sabina lead them to the mountain province's of Baguio..
Vince and Abby travel together with Vince truck..the first destination where Rabbit house is.. but suddenly the first house was empty.. Abby got mad to Vince because she thinks that Vince is also a one of the people who kidnapped Sabina.. but Vince Denied what Abby suspicion is.. and told her that rabbit has another house.. maybe rabbit and Sabina is there..without any hesitation Abby ask Vince to take him where Rabbit and Sabina is. but Vince told Abby that it is late and he have to rest and he cannot travel in the night because it is too risky..he promise that they will travel early in the morning..
Abby and Vince got to the second location where Vince told him where Rabbit and Sabina might be..there they found Sabina and Rabbit together..
Abby talked to Sabina in private..
Abby ask Sabina if what the hell is she doing..?everything is all prepared about your wedding..

Sabina told her that she love's rabbit and she don't want to marry Samuel because sooner or later she will realize that rabbit is the one that she love not his brother..Abby ask Sabina if she can live in this kinda place.. no maids and away from the city.. I know you can't live with that!said Abby.. But Sabina told Abby that this is her life and her choice.. she love rabbit and this is her final decision.. Sabina told Abby that she is pregnant to rabbit..Sabina raised her voice to Abby.. Shocked of what she heard coming from Sabina.. Vince assist Abby out of the house..Abby told Vince that she wants to go home.. Vince hugs Abby and comfort her.. after that they hold each others arm they never thought that it will end up on kissing and they make love that night.. Vince lives in the province of Baguio and Abby is a girl who lives in the city of manila.. Vince told Abby that he loves him..and ask Abby to stay with him in Baguio..
but Abby said what if you come with me in manila and lets live there together.. but Vince said that it's all messy in manila.. people in there want all things are in place and you cannot ask for food in there because you need to buy it ,not like here you can ask your neighbors to give you some vegetable and you will have something to eat.. to be continued.. =)

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